Willy Fresh Plants

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Willy's Greenhouse presents
Willyfresh Plants!

180,000sq.ft of production space producing weekly Begonias, Kalanchoes, Fleurettes & Mums.

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Decorate For Fall

Celebrate the autumn season with the stunning Tri-colour Fleurette!

Fleurette Care Tips

Spruce Up Your Living Space

Cold weather keeping you indoors? Bring the beauty of nature into your home with colourful Chrysanthemums!

Chrysanthemum Care Tips

Flowers Bring Smiles

Bring a smile to your home this Fall. Share the love.

Take a look at the lineup of Willyfresh Plants

With over 30 years of experience it's freshness you can count on!

What is Willyfresh All About?

Willyfresh Plants was created to provide the end user with confidence in our product time-after-time. Willyfresh Plants are grown with care and attention to detail. They are not just a product but an experience by way of this website. Here you will be able to share in the experience of caring for your plant.

Care Tips

How To Maintain Your Willyfresh Plants

  • Chrysanthemums


    Avoid letting the soil dry out in a Chrysanthemum. They require watering every day, to every other day, depending on their temperature and light level.

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  • Fleurettes


    Fleurettes prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid direct afternoon light which can be too intense for a Fleurette, and burn the flowers.

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  • begonias


    Give your Begonia plenty of bright light while it's blooming. Best to keep it out of direct sunlight though, which can scorch its leaves.

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  • Kalanchoes


    Kalanchoes need lots of light, preferably a south-facing window in winter and bright indirect light (or east/west window) in summer!

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